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Do 4 Things Before You File an Estate Lawsuit

First of all, consider your family relationship. It is going to change when you sue a stepmother, a brother, a mother or a dad, a sister, or another relative.

Two, try to salvage any relationship that you have with these people, because once you initiate this estate lawsuit, it’s probably going to be changed forever.

Three, seek if you can, the intervention of some third party, a family member, clergy or a mediator to try to resolve the dispute that you’re engaged in.

Four, if all that fails and you’re going to initiate estate litigation, get a tough trial attorney who limits his or her practice to litigation involving wills, trusts and estates or guardianships, and not someone who just prepares wills or trusts. There’s a lot of probate lawyers or will and trust lawyers who do a very good job, but they don’t try cases.