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Life insurance in Florida estates and trusts

Can the life insurance proceeds be used to pay estate expenses or debts of the decedent?

Are you the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, and you’re having a dispute with a Florida estate or a Florida trust, or a Florida probate? You need to know what your rights are to that life insurance policy. Because the estate or the trust might be saying that you are not the beneficiary, that money needs to go somewhere else.

So you can read a relatively recent case about that. It’s the Morey V Everbank case. It was decided July 24, 2012. It’s a first District Court of Appeal case from Florida’s appellate court. The site is 93 So. 3d 482.

If you think that you’re a beneficiary of an estate, or a trust, or of a life insurance policy, know what your rights are. Because the law doesn’t help those who remain silent, the law helps those who speak up to enforce their rights. And remember, there’s always very short statutes of limitations.