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Brandon Forgione is an attorney at Pankauski Lazarus PLLC in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Brandon handles trials and disputes involving probate, estates, and trusts, as well as complex business litigation and commercial matters.

He has extensive experience handling sophisticated matters for corporations, LLCs and partnerships.  When not in court handling probate litigation, Brandon provides goal-oriented litigation strategies in an effort to resolve business matters for founding partners, members of LLCs, and executives.  Litigating a will contest or an operating agreement of an LLC or partnership?  Brandon provides counsel and guidance, backing it all up in the courtroom with a strong presence.  Trust lawsuit? Terminated from an LLC?  Ask Brandon for a free conference about your case and see if his style and approach are a good fit for your litigation matter.

Brandon has received recognition and respect from his fellow members of the Bar.  He was previously a partner at a national  law firm, where he was named a Florida Super Lawyers ” Rising Star”.